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Words from the P&B Family

Practical, hysterical, and informational

These two are absolutely amazing to listen to. They break down 401ks, bring in their money stories, offer amazing resources, and make me laugh while doing it. I listen to many money podcasts, and this is the only one that made me literally create my balance sheet and seriously begin my savings while listening to the Making Money in 20s podcast!!


Solid financial advice with a side of humility

Really enjoying this podcast to the point in heading back into the catalog to see what I’ve missed. This podcast is from a couple of guys who aren’t looking down their nose at you to talk to you all you’ve done wrong, you can tell they’ve lived it, and continue on the journey, and genuinely want to help the rest of us reach a better understanding and comfort level with our money, and to help us set and reach goals. With an eye toward technology and the millennials, they have topics and guests that anyone can relate to and learn from. As a previous Total Money Makeover disciple the podcast has really opened my eyes to other ideas and viewpoints, and rekindled my flame to retaking myself to better make my money work for me. Keep up the good work!


This is the unspoken information you need

The show is always enlightening and packed with usable information. PB97 was off the charts fabulous and needs to be required listening – good decisions, saving, investing, being debt free are great however EARNING more and being intentional are the rocket fuel to get you where you want to be in life. Excellent work guys!


Relatable and Straightforward

Nothing beats a message that is easy to implement immediately, and spoken in terms in which you can relate to and recognize in your own life/career. Only regret is that I hadn’t discovered this podcast earlier. Keep up the great work! Update: Continue to find great benefit from these topics and not just from the everyday budgeting and saving tips. Recently just took your advice while negotiating compensation at work for a promotion, could not be happier with the results. Again, thank you!